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28GE+4 10GE Switch
S3700series switches are L2+ 10G Switches which include four models: S3700-20T4TP4TF-EIS3700-16P8TP4TF-EIS3700-44T4TP4TF-EI andS3700-44P4TP4TF-EI.S3700 series enhanced IPv610G Ethernet Switches are of advanced hardware processing capabilities and therichest business characteristics. With modular design 4 10G SFP+ ports aresupported at maximum which will have 10G extension ability for further gigabitaggregation or access. With hardware supporting IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Stack andline speed forwarding S3700series switches are of high switching capabilityat the IPv6 age.S3700series switches could be widely used in aggregationlayer for large-scale goveS3700 and enterprises or as core switches for mediumor small enterprises.
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