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Careers Cable Process Engineer
Hiring 1
Job Requirements 1, college degree or above, good English reading and writing;
2, familiar with fiber optic cable technology, cable manufacturing more than three years of relevant work experience;
3, familiar with the use of computer software.
Job descriptio 1, stable and improving existing technology;
2, with the development of new fiber optic cable products, new technology;
3, field process quality control, supervision and the inspection process requires the implementation;
4, process quality control of raw materials, development work together;
5, within statistical processes, between material consumption, with raw material consumption and cost control cable;
6, the preparation or updating process involves technical guidance documents;
7, review and improve on-site tooling equipment and processing equipment hazards;
8, process technician and assistant technology training;
9, production line operatives induction training and qualification;
10, statistical process anomalies, analysis of error factors and develop improvement programs.
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